You can’t make it up….


Have you ever had a day when you thought to yourself “What the hell was that?” Or had a moment when you thought “No. That didn’t just happen.” Well, this is a normal day in the life of the teacher in room 15. Enjoy some behind the scenes humor from my classroom this year.

Me: “Why are you rolling on the floor?”

Student: “Because”

Fair enough, I guess.



Me: “So and so….can you please come talk to me for a minute?”

Student: “I don’t know how your Mr. Sketch markers got in my coat pocket I swear!”

Interesting, I never mentioned my markers OR that I found it in your coat pocket. But thanks, because you’ve just answered my questions!! They kill me!!!


Me: “Honey, why would you climb on the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom?”

Student: “I wanted to see what it would be like to be tall.”

Yes!!!! I totally get it! I know what I’m doing on my plan tomorrow! Woohoo!! 6’4 here I come!!


Me: “Where’s your homework?”

Student: “My dog ate it.”

Wow. Just. Wow


Then….there’s today. Today I stopped by Dunkin Donuts because damn it I’ve earned that chocolate glazed donut. So, I left it on my desk in the bag and never got around to eating it. On my drive home I thought to myself, “Oh yeah. I still have a delicious, mouthwatering, piece of chocolate heaven.” I reach into the bag, only to discover it is half eaten. Seriously. Who does that???!!!! I’m dying with laughter!!!



  1. Katie Diez · March 16, 2017

    I just can’t even….I was laughing as I read about some of your most memorable students, and was a mix of amused and horrified at your half eaten donut….a whodunnit for the ages….


  2. sgeijer · March 16, 2017

    Hilarious! Please tell me you plan on doing a mini “CSI” investigation tomorrow into who chowed down on your piece of chocolate heaven?!?! I’d love to hear what your kiddos come up with!!!


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