This weekend is a big weekend or my sweet girl, Mia. On Sunday she will stand before her family, the church and God and receive the Holy Spirit.  For her entire life, even as I carried her in my belly, I have prayed that this child would have a deep connection with our Lord. I have prayed that she would follow in our church’s teachings and find comfort in His presence. During her First Communion she shined as an adorable, innocent child receiving our Lord. I have pictures to prove it. Many, many pictures to prove it! She smiled so sweetly and made us all proud. She memorized her responses and did exactly as she was taught. That was her moment, yes, but it wasn’t her choice.  The sacrament of Confirmation is much different. This is all her. She did the work. She chose her saint. She completed her service hours. She researched the sacrament. She has chosen to take this journey. As important as this moment will be I can only pray she lives her life on this path. Regardless of the distractions and obstacles that will come her way I pray that she stays true to her faith and her Lord. She doesn’t know this yet, but she will rely on her faith many, many years from now. Through the good, the bad and the ugly. And when I’m no longer here to help guide her through life she will need that rock to on which to lean on. So on Sunday, as I watch my sweet baby girl make her commitment to her faith I will be witnessing the strength that will see her through the rest of her life.


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