Stronger Than She Knows


For all of my life, I have been my sister’s protector. I have been willing to take on any giant who had the nerve to “mess” with her. If you wanted a piece of my sister, you had to go through me first. That’s just how it was going to be. As we grew older the roles shifted a bit and my sister became the protective one. Small and mighty is her in a nutshell. Many underestimate her feistiness but in reality she is full of love and compassion. I may be older, but she is my rock and the one I lean on when times are tough.

There are countless reasons why I admire this woman. I admire her unwavering faith. I admire her compassion for others. I admire her strength.  I admire the fact that she can belly laugh about the insanity that my daily life can sometimes impose. I admire her dedication to family. I admire her knowledge of 90’s gangsta rap. I admire her positivity. I admire her talent as a ballet dancer. I admire her love towards my children. I admire her obsession with her cat (it’s borderline frightening). I admire her ability to blame me for anything and everything that may go wrong (you were the one who put the plastic in the oven, not me). I admire her sense of humor (we can literally burst into laughter by just a look). I admire her devotion towards her husband. I admire her determination to make grandma’s poppy seed bread with no fail. I admire her knowledge of geography (hey, tell us where England is….). Bottom line, I admire her.

These are the thoughts I have been having as my sister has proven to be the strongest woman I know. I may not be able to protect her from everything that life throws at her and that kills me. But she is more than capable of taking these obstacles on. She is strength. She is faith. She is compassion. She is stronger than she knows.


One comment

  1. Kim K · March 2, 2017

    Well. Your sister is lucky to have you in her corner for sure! The repetition in this piece works really well. I wish you and your sister strength.


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