You can’t make it up….


Have you ever had a day when you thought to yourself “What the hell was that?” Or had a moment when you thought “No. That didn’t just happen.” Well, this is a normal day in the life of the teacher in room 15. Enjoy some behind the scenes humor from my classroom this year.

Me: “Why are you rolling on the floor?”

Student: “Because”

Fair enough, I guess.



Me: “So and so….can you please come talk to me for a minute?”

Student: “I don’t know how your Mr. Sketch markers got in my coat pocket I swear!”

Interesting, I never mentioned my markers OR that I found it in your coat pocket. But thanks, because you’ve just answered my questions!! They kill me!!!


Me: “Honey, why would you climb on the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom?”

Student: “I wanted to see what it would be like to be tall.”

Yes!!!! I totally get it! I know what I’m doing on my plan tomorrow! Woohoo!! 6’4 here I come!!


Me: “Where’s your homework?”

Student: “My dog ate it.”

Wow. Just. Wow


Then….there’s today. Today I stopped by Dunkin Donuts because damn it I’ve earned that chocolate glazed donut. So, I left it on my desk in the bag and never got around to eating it. On my drive home I thought to myself, “Oh yeah. I still have a delicious, mouthwatering, piece of chocolate heaven.” I reach into the bag, only to discover it is half eaten. Seriously. Who does that???!!!! I’m dying with laughter!!!



This weekend is a big weekend or my sweet girl, Mia. On Sunday she will stand before her family, the church and God and receive the Holy Spirit.  For her entire life, even as I carried her in my belly, I have prayed that this child would have a deep connection with our Lord. I have prayed that she would follow in our church’s teachings and find comfort in His presence. During her First Communion she shined as an adorable, innocent child receiving our Lord. I have pictures to prove it. Many, many pictures to prove it! She smiled so sweetly and made us all proud. She memorized her responses and did exactly as she was taught. That was her moment, yes, but it wasn’t her choice.  The sacrament of Confirmation is much different. This is all her. She did the work. She chose her saint. She completed her service hours. She researched the sacrament. She has chosen to take this journey. As important as this moment will be I can only pray she lives her life on this path. Regardless of the distractions and obstacles that will come her way I pray that she stays true to her faith and her Lord. She doesn’t know this yet, but she will rely on her faith many, many years from now. Through the good, the bad and the ugly. And when I’m no longer here to help guide her through life she will need that rock to on which to lean on. So on Sunday, as I watch my sweet baby girl make her commitment to her faith I will be witnessing the strength that will see her through the rest of her life.

I can only go up from here

Today. The only way to describe today is a kick in the gut. With everything that has been going on in my life I certainly didn’t need a day like today. It’s days like today that I’m reminded of the blessings I have been granted. The friends who literally let me fall apart in their arms.  My sweet, sweet girls who can bring a smile to my face with a simple “Hi Mom.” My husband who finds me beautiful even as I ugly cry and reminds me “It will be ok.” Those four words can seem so cliché but when he says it I truly believe it. My sister who reassures me she’s here for me with a simple text. God has a path for me and this is one of those times I give it up to Him and trust He will put me where I need to be. At this very point I find myself, I can only go up!

Throw Me a Bone

Seriously. I can’t.  I just can’t.  As I speak, I am writing this in between the pukefest my 7 year old decided to host.  Normally I would just take it as it goes and hope we all don’t get it.  But this year has been a virtual boxing match in which my family has repeatedly been knocked down by just about every single germ that has ever existed.  It began in September when I had the stomach flu in which I gave my husband my blessing to remarry because I just knew I was dying!  In between the pain and agony I made him promise me he’d be good to my dog.  I’m not sure why I was so concerned about my dog’s well- being because he would literally run past the bathroom door as I moaned for sweet release.   To my surprise I lived to tell the horror of that experience.

In October, both girls were sick with a cold. No biggie. It happens every year at the beginning of the school year. Life goes on. Thanksgiving was rough.  I had a sinus infection and Julia ran her yearly fever with no explanation as to why.

Then Christmas break. I still can’t go there.  I spent the entire break on the couch recovering from what could only be concluded as the plague. The doctor told me it was strep, an ear infection and sinus infection.  I think they were wrong though.  I’m pretty sure my body was taken over by another life form and being used for experimental purposes.  So once again I gave my husband my blessing, but this time to pull the plug.  I was 100% sure I was a goner then.  When the only possible remedy you can imagine is a head transplant it starts looking a bit bleak.  Again, my beloved dog wouldn’t go near me. Why do I love him so much?

January, Mia had the stomach flu. January, Julia had the stomach flu.  January, I had a head cold. February, Mia had a cold virus. February, Julia had a cold virus. February, I had an ear infection and strep throat.  March. Thank you March! Something about this month brings the promise of warmer weather soon to come and the end of germs.  Wrong.  I am on week 2 of no voice, a cough and runny nose.  Oh, and did I mention my Julia is puking?  I give up!!!  Throw me a bone someone!!!

Stronger Than She Knows


For all of my life, I have been my sister’s protector. I have been willing to take on any giant who had the nerve to “mess” with her. If you wanted a piece of my sister, you had to go through me first. That’s just how it was going to be. As we grew older the roles shifted a bit and my sister became the protective one. Small and mighty is her in a nutshell. Many underestimate her feistiness but in reality she is full of love and compassion. I may be older, but she is my rock and the one I lean on when times are tough.

There are countless reasons why I admire this woman. I admire her unwavering faith. I admire her compassion for others. I admire her strength.  I admire the fact that she can belly laugh about the insanity that my daily life can sometimes impose. I admire her dedication to family. I admire her knowledge of 90’s gangsta rap. I admire her positivity. I admire her talent as a ballet dancer. I admire her love towards my children. I admire her obsession with her cat (it’s borderline frightening). I admire her ability to blame me for anything and everything that may go wrong (you were the one who put the plastic in the oven, not me). I admire her sense of humor (we can literally burst into laughter by just a look). I admire her devotion towards her husband. I admire her determination to make grandma’s poppy seed bread with no fail. I admire her knowledge of geography (hey, tell us where England is….). Bottom line, I admire her.

These are the thoughts I have been having as my sister has proven to be the strongest woman I know. I may not be able to protect her from everything that life throws at her and that kills me. But she is more than capable of taking these obstacles on. She is strength. She is faith. She is compassion. She is stronger than she knows.