My Superman

Tonight’s post will be short and sweet. I haven’t been as committed to this slice challenge as I had hoped I could be. It is harder than I expected to be able to find the time to write each day!
Having said that, tonight my thoughts are with my Dad. My dad is one of the most influential people in my life. My dad spent his whole life, and still does, by instilling the values of love, security, hard work, loyalty and humor to our family.
As a young girl, my dad could make me laugh so easily. My favorite “trick” was when he would pretend to walk into our bedroom door. He would open the door and stop it abruptly with his foot while jerking his head backwards at the same time. This action always followed with a dramatic “ouch” and it would create the deepest belly laughs I have ever known. I remember asking him over and over to do this and each time my laugh would get louder and longer and deeper. To this day I lose it when he does it for my girls!
My love of music and appreciation for truly great musical geniuses is owed to my dad. I’ve been belting out Neil Young songs before I could talk. Every Saturday I would awake to the sounds of The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Janis Joplin (the list goes on) echoing from the living room. Dad was doing his morning chores and it was time for us to get up and help! I remember going through my “hippie” phase in high school and I was blasting Led Zepplin. My dad knocked on my door and I was assuming he was going to tell me to turn the music down. To my surprise he said “Turn that up!” We then started belting out the words together.
When I was in college and met the man of my dreams, I knew he was the one because he exemplified the values of hard work and determination. There was no question that anyone I brought home to meet my dad would be anything less than a go getter. Laziness was never accepted and he would never respect it. People say girls marry men just like their fathers, and I did! My husband shares the same qualities that my dad does and I know my girls will always love and respect him as I do my dad.
I love my dad more than words can say. He is the strongest man I know, the bravest man I know and the greatest man I know. He is my hero. My superman. And when your superman is down it’s terrifying. He’ll get through this because he knows no other way. I love you Dad.


One comment

  1. Kim K · March 22, 2016

    This is the second post I’ve read about dads today. Each one is so special because dads are just that special. Your dad sounds awesome sauce. Thinking of you and yours in what sounds like it might be a trying time.


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