Common Sense Housekeeping

I love my girls. They are amazing, intelligent, and brilliant. However, they suck at cleaning. For years we have relied on chore charts to keep them both on track and to ensure they are completing their daily chores. We have bribed them with allowances or special treats to provide motivation. The chores on the chart might get done, but the other little things won’t. And when I say little things, I mean the basic things. Common sense. For instance, if you throw something away and miss the trash can, rather than walk away you should pick it up and place it in the trash can. Or, throw away your yogurt tub and put your dirty spoon in the sink. Because, let’s be real here. No one would leave it at their seat with the foil top stuck to the table and the yogurt filled spoon creating a sticky paste on the cloth placemat. Right? And you certainly wouldn’t open a packet of string cheese and put the wrapper on top of the empty yogurt tub. And you wouldn’t ignore the pile of garbage in front of you by attempting to eat around the mess. Right? Wrong. I know 2 people who would.
I can go on and on and on and on but for my own sanity I won’t. These are the most recent scenarios that sparked the “Common Sense Housekeeping.” I offered (more like forced) my girls to attend my Cleaning with Common Sense 101 course. The course consisted of me reenacting the ridiculous situations in which common sense was lacking while dirtying our home. After a few giggles from the little one and a few “I can’t believe I’m stuck with you” glances from my teenager, I think I made an impact. This weekend the girls would gently remind one another to use “common sense housekeeping” to keep the house clean. They would put their belongings away without being told. They would make sure garbage made it to the trash. They cleaned up water that spilled without being told. They rinsed dishes before putting them in the sink. They put the dog’s toys away. Life was good. This was going to work! I’ve created more than just a catch phrase.
Until today. I overheard my husband ask “Is that common sense housekeeping?” Pop Tarts from breakfast left on the table. *Facepalm.*



  1. nbressanelli · March 3, 2016

    I love this piece, now I’m thinking I may have to have a “common se

    Liked by 1 person

    • nbressanelli · March 3, 2016

      Oops….”common sense housekeeping ” talk with my husband .


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